How to get that perfect college look .

Hey , people . I hope everything is fine and life is good. So, this is my first blog in which I will enlighten you about how you can dress casually in college and look fashionable at the same time . I have seen a lot of girls who try but fail miserably to look best in the college days #fabcollge but fail to do so because of their lack in knowledge about what to wear that can make them look perfect.

There are a few points that you need to keep in mind about whenever you choose an outfit to wear the next day or that day-

Body shape

It is the first and foremost thing to keep in mind whenever you dress up . Every girl has a different and beautiful body shape . Only you can decide what looks best on you , don’t  ever try to copy others as what looks good on them may not happen to look as good on you . For example – if you have a heavy bottom wear high-waisted pants , shorts and for girls with nicely toned legs pencil fitted jeans , Capri and shorts can make them look taller and gorgeous.

Skin tone

It differs from person to person . Girls having a dark skin tone sometimes think that nothing looks good on them but it is not true . Girls with dark skin tone have a license to wear anything and everything as it embraces their skin but try to avoid brown as it could make you look like a melting chocolate . As for girls having a brighter or wheatish skin tone , they can wear black as free birds , also dark shades of any colour can add fuel to their skin and can make you look as sultry as that actor in the movie . These points are valid , but remember there is no way anyone can positively tell you what will suit your skin tone and as fashion is free , you are independent to wear what you want to.


Yes , every one of you might think that confidence gets stuck in every field. To be honest, it is a very important part in attaining that perfect college look . If you are not sure that the world will not like what you are wearing , be confident and walk with poise in the classroom as if you are walking the ramp . Remember it is not others who will decide what you should wear . I can recall that one college day , where i wanted to wear my new black wedges but was afraid as nobody used to wear those in college . This made me remember to tell you all a very important point. Always keep in mind, that the things you have in your wardrobe belong to you and justifies your personality while others may never wear that type of things (like wedges,platforms,body-con dress, short skirts, off shoulders , crop tops or whatsoever) , you should wear them whenever you feel like be it in college, because there is nothing at all that can make you look overdressed in college unless or until it is a bridal gown or a sari or lehenga . xdxd.
So now that you all have read these amazingly magical points that can make you a perfect you in college , go try them and write your comments below on how you agree or disagree with me on this . Also i am sharing one of my looks from how you can nail it in college .

I am wearing –
⦁ Light Washed Denim Dress – Lee cooper
⦁ Watch – Tommy Hilfiger
⦁ Saddle bag – J Blues
⦁ Sneakers – Converse All Star




About the outfit-

Dresses are always classy . But which type of dress to wear when is important . This denim dress is comfortable and easy going and that’s why I chose to sport it in college . It is light in colour and fills you with positive vibes . A pinch of dark colour was a much needed element that’s why i kept the footwear black . As for the watch , time is precious and a sling bag is a need of every girl .



Goodbye awesome people.
lots of love
-OneLook (Sabhayta)

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