Skirt Style

(Quote of the week – Get back to girly , wear a Skirt)

Hii everyone , hope everyone is doing good . I am back with my post of the week. Its been long since I have posted. ( To be true , I love to post here , but i dont get time due to my college .)
I am not much into skirts, but this heather skirt from StalkBuyLove is totally worth a look. It is one of the must-haves that should be in the wardrobe.

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#TereSaathTu  (All about you by #DeepikaPadukone)


I was in class 12th when I decided to have a Fashion Blog in my name . Although at that time I was too afraid to start it as I was shy and I cared too much of what people would think of me . As it is believed that models and fashion bloggers should have a perfect body (especially long beautiful legs ) , I took a step back and thought of doing something else for the time being . I was scared of how my pictures would turn out .

(I am chubby and I like it).

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Fresher’s Saga

Hey there ,
How you doing ?
Many of you must be excited for the freshers . Freshers is just a day ahead and I know all of you must be going gaga over what to wear and what not. Trust me , I was so tensed , I started shopping three weeks before D-day . So , without wasting much time on my story , lets discuss about the major choices of what we girls would prefer to wear on the most important day of our first year .

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#OOTD (Casual)

Fashion Formula = 1 Basic (Jeans)+ 1 Interest Piece (colour)+ 1 Completer Piece (Belt)+ l  lotsofaccesories (ring&choker&bag)


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How to get that perfect college look .

Hey , people . I hope everything is fine and life is good. So, this is my first blog in which I will enlighten you about how you can dress casually in college and look fashionable at the same time . I have seen a lot of girls who try but fail miserably to look best in the college days #fabcollge but fail to do so because of their lack in knowledge about what to wear that can make them look perfect.
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